Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thoughts on things you don't say to your wife!

So I don't usually share video but Darin sent it to me and it's pretty funny!
Enjoy! You might need to press stop on the music playlist at the bottom of the page before watching the video.

Things You Don't Say To Your Wife - Free videos are just a click away

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thougts on what I was doing ten years ago...

I don't usually do these list things but this is for you Les...

Ten Years Ago:
1.) I had been married for almost two years. (I had been more than 4 years since me and Darin started dating)
2.) I had started my first official teaching job. I was teaching 3rd grade in Chualar. (That was my most memorable class ever).
3.) Me and Darin were living in studio apartment above a barn (ya that's right).
4.) I was in my second semester at Chapman college.
5.) I was driving a green minni van (with no kids) pretty pathetic. All I can say is it was really cheap.

Today's to do list:
1.) Make it to church - and actually make it to Sac. Mtg.
2.) Sleep
3.) DISHES & LAUNDRY ( they are my personal nemesis). If I end up in hell they are the reason. You know the saying cleanness in next to godliness then right now I am a goner.
4.) Learning Records for work.. AHU I hate Learning Records
5.) Try not to kill any of my offspring.

Places I have lived:
1.) San Francisco, CA ( I never left the hospital but I was there for three months).
2.) Oakland, CA (My grandparents for few months) I was not aloud to go to Mexico until I was six months old because my lungs were to weak (my parents were living in Mexico at the beginning of my moms pregnancy)
3.) Valley de Pueblo, Mexico (a few more months)
4.) Capitola, CA (two months)
5.) Prunedale, CA (18 years)
6.) Santa Cruz, CA (2 years)
7.) Royal Oaks, CA (12 years, we have lived in three places in Royal Oaks)
Royal Oaks is basically Prundale so I have pretty much lived the same place since I turned one.

If I were a millionaire: (Multi Millionaire?)
1.) Pay off my house
2.) Get out of debt
3.) Buy a vacation house in the Netherlands
4.) Get a cabin at the lake
5.) Get a Maid and a Nanny (part time) just for my sanity

Snacks I enjoy: ( I love all Snacks)
1.) Dehydrated Cesar flavor green beans
2.) Dried Mango from costco
3.) Fruit Smoothies
4.) Brussles cookies
5.) Baked Cheddar Onion and Sour Cream Ruffles
(stroop waffles and anything chocolate)

I will try to write something in the next week or so......